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The Anatomy of a Father's Heart 12x16 Silkscreen print

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The Father's Heart is a fun and sturdy thing - full of all the good stuff, and obviously a little of the tough. Wrestles, repairs, tickles and junk food - this print says THANK YOU to all dads (or dads to be) by reminding him that the Father's Heart is an exciting playground, a place to find hugs and advice, and that perfect drill bit. Currently available in Soft Black and Navy Blue.

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The Anatomy of a Father's Heart 12x16 Silkscreen print

Strength and pride. Tears of joy (and fatigue). A love of beer, barbeque, and rocking out. A symbolic look inside a father's heart reveals many things, bound together by the love every family man feels. Celebrating the ups and downs of fatherhood, Sandra Dumais' playful screen print offers a perspective that's sweetly satirical and refreshingly honest. Inspired by her own misadventures as a parent, Sandra uses her hand sketching, painting, and digital drawing skills to create a narrative interplay of words and images. Her heartfelt tribute to fatherhood's endearing imperfections is an opportunity to show any dad that you understand how tough and tender his heart can be. Handmade in Montreal, Canada.

Currently available in Teal and Midnight Blue.

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