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NEXT WORKSHOP: October 28th, 9:30am - 12noon
For kids 5-95

 Fait une vraie momie!

Fait une vraie momie!

This workshop is not only a TOTALLY LEGIT mummy-making class, but an introduction to working with plaster. Plaster is a fun, easy and hugely satisfying medium for kids since they can easily shape and smooth the dampened strips of cotton into whichever form they like! We will be talking about symbolism in Ancient Egypt, why the ancient Egyptians did this, and how to make a fun coffin for our mummies which we will decorate with symbols for the afterlife. Snacks will be served (no nuts). Limited Spots. $30


Introducing workshops!
Sell Your Prints! (Sell 'em, dammit!)

My first workshop for grown-up kids has just opened for registration! On October 15th from 12-4 in my studio here in Rosemont / East Plateau, we'll be covering 5 topics to get you going in the right direction to selling your prints.  Le cours est donné en anglais ET français selon besoin - I'm folle like that.

It will be awesome - I'll share all the info I've gathered from my 5 years selling online, through wholesale / retail, a boatload of custom work, artlicensing and tradeshows. Let's get to work! (Course description below)

 Join me in my studio to chat about how I got to selling my prints and developing streams of income from that!

Join me in my studio to chat about how I got to selling my prints and developing streams of income from that!

***OPEN for registration***

I know so many talented illustrators creating suuuuper beautiful work that they are having trouble selling. Frustrating!

Join me in my studio on the East Plateau / Rosemont in Montreal on Sunday, October 15th (12 - 4pm) to learn how to get your prints out in the world!
Making all of your gorgeous work is just the beginning. It's hard work, but there are some surefire ways to improve your chances of getting good orders online and through wholesale.


Learn about the different avenues of selling your work and creating pieces that will continue bringing in the cash while you've moved on to creating new work. 

I've been selling on-line and in shops and boutiques for about 4 years now and have seen what works and what doesn't. I'm learning where to focus my time and energy and would love to share this with you guys! 

I've created a one day crash course that is divided into 5 parts;

1. Online Sales (Etsy Key -wording and tricks for getting noticed, Hosting a Squarespace Boutique, How to generate traffic, etc)
2. Salons and Trade Shows (cost, value, are they right for your business model?)
3. Retailing and Wholesale
4. Pricing (online vs. retail / wholesale)
5Equipment / Suppliers
 (what printers, papers, print shops I use - when to outsource and when to print on your own)

After we can have a question period where we can touch on the topics you want to learn more about - let me know of anything specific you'd like to learn about.

The class will be in French and English according to the group's needs, and I have a maximum of 5 places for this first edition! Coffee, tea and snacks will be served, feel free to bring whatever you like to eat / drink as well.

Studio 314,
2177 Rue Masson, Montréal, QC H2H 1B1, Canada


 Art Workshops for Kids - **SOLD OUT OCTOBER 14TH**

In September I'll be launching regular programming for Art Workshops for kids ! I'll be teaching a series of 6 workshops at my studio in Montreal. These 2 hour workshops will include a small bit of theory, followed by an activity to put the theory into practise. We use movement, music and collaboration to create large, bright work that the kids will take home (and that you will want to put on the walls, I promise). Tailored for kids from 7-10 years old.

 Adding detailing to our 6 x 6 foot artwork.

Adding detailing to our 6 x 6 foot artwork.


Each class builds on previously learned techniques / theory, and introduces new ideas and practises. We use artist-grade materials (acrylic paints and gouache) so that the work will last - these are pieces that will make the kids proud to hang up and hang onto.


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The classes are given predominantly in French, but can be adjusted to the comfort level of the group. Vive la Canada!