My Good Days


Hi lovelies,

Happy February! The sun is delicious and Montreal is enjoying a little glimpse into what is to come. The thaw. Dirt. Camping. Ahhhh.

About a month ago my hubby gifted me with two books by Lynda Barry (actually, 3 of them but I'm just referring to 2 now.) He had no idea of my longtime love of her work and my devotion to her Ernie Pook's Comeek (remember this?) and as he often does, he surprised me with something I didn't even know I needed!

The books,  What it is and Syllabus have really pushed me to keep a daily journal inspired by the ones Barry encouraged her students to keep while she taught at the University Wisconsin Madison as the Artist in Residence. The idea is to keep a simple journal, nothing fancy, using basic materials (crayons, pen, pencil) by quickly sketching and scribbling down observations from your day. I use a notebook I had lying around (one of those hardcover 8.5 x 11 mixed media ones) and markers (a fairly new medium for me.) She encourages her students to divide the page into 4 quandrants - "Saw" (list of 7-10 points), "Did" (list of 7-10 points), "Overheard" (a drawing), and "Saw" (drawing). Of course I stray from this from time to time but generally I stick to this layout and spend from 10-20 minutes on this max.

I think I'll start posting them here?

Here are some from the past weeks - I've tagged them #mygooddays , #adventuresinmyownbackyard and #smoothsailing on Instagram where I post them under @moonandsparrow - follow along if you like or start your own journal, it's easy and cathartic at the end of the day.

I'm enjoying looking back at them and trying harder to pay attention to the days unfolding around me - funny conversations, interactions with strangers, and the great little details in my own big life.

Happy Tuesday people. Off to pick up a sick kid at school, because... OBVIOUSLY.