Mother's Day Portraits...

Hi everybody! It's time to order your Mother's Day custom portraits if you want to get your hands on one! You can order here in my Etsy Shop or get in touch at sandradumais(at)moonandsparrow(dot)com . 

Remember my awesome Father's Day blitz last June? Lots of the moms ordering the Dad prints said they really wanted one of themselves (hint hint). Here were some examples from the Awesome Dads-

As you can see, these are very highly customized - put as much fun in there as you can fit! We work together to create the perfect image to tell the story of YOUR special person - or Mom!

These cost $110 including the print, and can be completed in about a week (depending on details, and if you include kids in the image - at $15 more)...With shows lined up at the beginning of May, I've got to have these guys done a week or two early this time round.

Here is one I did for myself FROM myself - I really overplayed my awesomeness a bit in the way I imagine that my kids and husband would if they were to order this for me, you know?

I also have some pretty prints coming to the shop that will be SCREENPRINTED in beautiful vibrant colours for your special Mom. Those will be in the shop in about a week and I can't wait!