Custom Father's Day Awesome Dad Drawing

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A drawing of your very own dad / hubby / baby papa for Father's Day! 


Custom Father Dad Illustration Personalised for the Awesome Dad in your life

A drawing of your dad, made in my classic silly style.

Includes blurbs and details that are just for you and your family!
Send me any anecdote and I will find a way to put it in the drawing. 100% customisable, disponible en français ou English (ou bilingue bien sûr).

I will contact you as soon as your order goes through for further details. Examples of details - games Dad plays with the kid(s), classic outfits, food he likes. Does he barbecue? Does he build things? What tools does he carry? What coffee mug does he like? GET CREATIVE!

Limited date of ordering for Montreal and area (for pick up from my centrally located studio) is June 17th.

Limited date for ordering for Canada for shipping is June 14th for express shipping.

Limited date for ordering internationally is June 10th for express shipping OR for digital file sending for print up in your city please message me to discuss cutoff dates!

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