The World Map of Extraordinary Women

The World Map of Extraordinary Women

 Introducing "The World Map of Extraordinary Women" - a 16 x 20 print celebrating 32 awesome women and female creatures from past and present. It was hard to choose who to include, I learned so much and feel like I've got so much more to do with this project. Sadly I had to leave out some of my favourite women ever (Michelle Obama, Lucille Ball, Orphan Annie, Charlotte the Spider...) to make this work visually, but from the stars to the sea, I've tried to include a good range of hearts and minds. It is currently only in English, and will be launching at the One of a Kind Show and Sale next week and for sale in the shop later this week for pre-orders. Sign up for my newsletter to receive the link to pre-order, or to get one of these in your school (if you're a teacher, principal or librarian.)



This map is more a love letter to our country - to it's vast stretches, mountains and prairies, it's fresh lakes and rocky shorelines. To lobster traps and aurora borealis. Contact me for info on receiving special prices and formats for teachers, schools and libraries!

Available in two large standard formats - 16 x 20 and 20 x 24 .

Shipped in sturdy shipping tube.

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Montreal Mile End Essentials

Montreal Mile End Essentials

A colourful map of eclectic Montreal neighbourhood Mile End. Think Williamsburg meets Sesame Street.

India Ink and digital medium, April 2015

Custom Map for Anniversary

Custom Map for Anniversary

Custom map to mark special places real or fictional, life map to celebrate milestone

I will work together with you to create a custom map either of a city or a life experience. We can do anything you want! Using Google's My Maps we will collaborate on a map together combining stories, anecdotes and places that need to appear on the map. Great gift for couples to eachother, for a wedding gift, birthday or Milestone. 

The one photographed in the example was for a first anniversary (wow - romantic, right?) and was a total success. I can create a little logo of the couple as seen on the bottom - that's this couple as they age.

The process is easy and straightforward, taking about 2 weeks. If you like we can print the image close to you to skip shipping and save time! 

Created to any size you like, this was a 16 x 20. Busier images obviously look good bigger!

IMG_4208 (1).JPG
My First Paper Route

My First Paper Route

When I was a kid I had a paper route on my street and the surrounding neighbourhood. I delivered 125 papers every Saturday, at 5am, with the help of my dog Sooner (a border collie mutt).

I still remember so much about that neighbourhood, and the pride I took in that job. I think I may have been at my peak lifetime income during those years.

Take a look!

pen and watercolour on coldpress, April 2015