I love maps

I love making maps that tell a story of a certain time or place. This all started with a hand drawn map of my childhood paper route, drawn in the early hours of the morning in Chicoutimi, during a(nother) bout of insomnia. I was thinking about how I still to this day remember who paid on time, who never paid, who tipped well, whose houses smelled like weed and all the names of all the pets on Charters Rd.

This year, the map was published in Spacing, an awesome magazine about Urban culture and featuring among other things, some really great maps. Here are some of my favourite maps from the over 200 I’ve created!


Wild Canada

This map was made during a summer of camping with my husband and kids. I was immersed in a book of Canadian poetry and felt a huge love for the different landscapes and diverse nature of Canada. Available en français AND come May, a 750 piece puzzle! Stay tuned! (I just relaunched the Blue version which is the map appearing on the puzzle :)

Mile End Essentials

An ode to the beloved neighbourhood of Mile End where you can shop for second hand clothes, bagels, Italian coffee, and flowers. Yep, that's my man and me on the bottom left :)


Essential Madison

I had the pleasure of creating a map of colourful Madison, WI for the Hampton Inn and Suites. I learned that Madison and Montreal are very similar - we love cheese, beer, and suffer through infamous winters (and construction).

I created this map for International Womens’ Day 2017. I had such fun researching all of these awesome women. You can buy your own here! (Each purchase comes with a download talking about each woman).