Summer awesomeness

Hey guys,

It's a balmy summer evening - the kind I love where the sky has a soft set and everything looks hazy. I got to go run errands alone on my bike after a long beautiful day in the sun with my kids and another awesome family in this pool -

The massive pool at parc Jean-Drapeau. Why don't I go there more often? I will. Starting now.

I used to not like summer. I don't usually like being hot, it makes me lazy. And I am not crazy about sunny days (I credit my Newfie heritage for this). But this year I am really enjoying it so much. My kids are older, I don't have to carry anybody, my kids like awesome places and I don't have to think about cooking... summer dinner means carrying a large bag of food around with a blanket and some spoons. 

I've realized that the recipe for my summer happiness is this;

  • enough time alone to get the work done that I need to - I do this by waking up at 5am with my hubby who has to do the same (it's kind of awesome
  • small, bite sized personal projects. Right now my favourite artist and homegirl  Erin Candela and I are illustrating secrets we have. Any medium, on wooden slates, we're gonna mail them to one another. It's fun!
  • a slower beat to everything - wear bathing suits all day, lay around drawing on the floor, lounge around the pool, hang all day at the library.
  • scrap the routine (my kids have been going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 9, it's amazing.) Routine bores me and is something I struggle with all winter. I love doing what we want when we want.
  • a biggie -- a sweet and enticing plan for my return to work come the Fall. I'll be working full-time as both kids will be in school this year - something I admit it, I daydream about and that sends energy shooting through my creative mind in weaker parenting moments - but feels like a private indulgence that's making me the awesome mom I am this summer.)
  • naps while my kids watch tv beside me on the couch - I do this almost every afternoon for a half hour and it is delicious.

Have you been staying home with the kids this summer? Do you love it? Hate it? What have you been up to?