Customs Mega Post!

Thought I'd copy this post over from my old blog since it's still relevant!

Hi guys,

I'm back to the blog. I've missed it and thought of it often, but it just felt too overwhelming until now. So.. baby steps. Something I've really been excited about sharing and have really been waiting to show on the blog is some of the custom work I've been doing over the past while. I love these! I love telling stories through these portraits and figuring out funny, sweet ways to include the stories in the artwork. I find it so sweet when somebody orders this for their loved one and just can't wait to give this perfectly personal gift.

The other day I walked by somebody I am drawing! I almost wanted to say hi. I knew so much about him, and recognized his face. So funny!

I work closely with my customers to create the perfect family story in each portrait I do. You can customize everything in this drawing - right up to what everybody is wearing and thinking! Depending on amount of people and detail (and deadline!) these can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete, so plan to have that time as well.

Above you can see a gallery of some of my most recent customs. You see why I love doing these? It might be my favourite thing to do these days!

So I'll be doing another round of them for Mother's Day but since I'll be launching our first Marche Nënë Toronto pop up on Mother's Day , Sunday May 8, (SO exciting!) I'll be opening the shop for Mother's Day Custom Portrait orders early (this week) and closing them mid April latest. Sign up for the newsletter to receive more information about how to order, formats, and of course pricing and procedure. If you have received or ordered a Moon and Sparrow custom before, there will be a special coupon for you in the next newsletter!

I'll also be talking about Marché Nënë's Toronto edition (Nënë Pop Toronto) in the next letter, so stay tuned! To apply to our show, head on over to Marche Nënë !

Enjoy this rainy beauty of a day,