My Good Days

Hi guys!

Back from the cottage and back to work after March Break. We had the perfect break away -  just cold enough, lots of snow, and the sun streaming down through the pines, melting the tiny little brook. I spent lots of time smashing up the remaining ice with Lennon. What is so primordially pleasing about this type of "work"? We stood around a fire outside, poking our sticks and staring out at the ice. It feels good, elemental to be connecting to the earth this way. We also had no internet or phone, which felt so good. When was the last time I had no internet or phone for 4 days? We all asked ourselves after how we could implement this sort of restricted simplicity onto ourselves once back at home. (I could just keep forgetting my phone when I go out! haha)

Now it's back to prepping for the Toronto ONE OF A KIND show which opens March 29 (and runs til April 2). I'll have lots of new product and am having a blast sprucing up my kiosk, even though it is SO COLD here and we apparently are waiting on 25cm of snow. (Sorry but that part kind of makes me happy !)

I also kept up the My Good Days journal. It's become my meditation, something I look forward to at the end of everyday. It's becoming something.... not sure what but the form is changing a bit. Take a look at the last few days below.

Happy Monday, Tigers!