Mother's Day Screen Prints orders open! Anatomy of a Mother's Heart !

Guys! I'm sooooo totally excited to announce that My beautiful Mother's Day prints are ready for pre-order! I don't have the actual prints in my hands until April 13th so I am taking pre-orders for anybody who wants to be one of the first to get their mitts on these. ** to pre-order, head over to the Moon and Sparrow Etsy Shop and use coupon code ILOVEMOM to get your 10% discount! As always, you can use coupon code INMONTREAL to avoid shipping costs and pick up at one of my centrally located retailers.

These prints are 12x16, large and bright - available in Teal, Warm Grey, Hot Pink and Poppy. Each print is signed and -- THE BEST PART -- each and every print comes with a tiny paper bag that is sewn shut. Inside, there is a gentle reminder for the Mom to put in her wallet and read when needed. There are lots of different reminders, so there's no way to know which one you'll get until Mom opens it!

These are printed using water based inks, rich and beautiful Felt paper and they will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube. You can also contact me to come pick them up if you're in town - either from my place in Rosemont or from one of my centrally located retailers.

I can't WAIT to get my hands on these!! So pretty. I'm totally hanging the teal one or maybe the poppy one in my bedroom as a reminder that yes, it is okay to laugh and cry hysterically at the same time, as an AWESOME MOM.

Happy Wednesday guys!


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Drawings in the Night...

Do you guys ever get insomnia? I have never been a huge sleeper (meaning I like to get about 6 or 7 hours of sleep a day, plus a little 30 minute nap in the afternoon). Since having kids though, I go through weeks at a time of insomnia. I get up at 3am and just can't get back to sleep. Things I googled before getting out of bed finally at 3:45 -- embroidered illustration (gasp! I must try!),

Embroidered illustration by Jillian Tamaki - the best.

Embroidered illustration by Jillian Tamaki - the best.

Tai Chi videos - I love this quick 8-minute video, you guys should try it. Especially great for us who are often hunched over their desks for long periods of time.

and then I combed through images of Wild Garden on , just to give me a bit of hope, as it's been pretty chilly here still. LOVED these -

Love these colours!

Love these colours!

and these!

So that's what I googled at 3am instead of sleeping like a normal person. Know what is awesome though? I have a vey flexible schedule so just like that I rearranged my day, and went downstairs to print and trim a large order for a beautiful new galerie / boutique in the Old Port that I'll deliver today.  I am working on a map of the Old Port so I can go and have a good look at a few buildings and streets I want to draw, so it worked out well! Anyway, this new retailer is a gorgeous galerie / boutique featuring work from all over Québec - it's called L'Empreinte Coop. They have a dated website but so worth popping in - Check them out!

Ok - I'll leave you with with drawing I did a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling nostalgic and sad about my kids growing up. I really truly do enjoy them at this age - yes despite the fits, the chaos and the mess of it all, young children fill me with energy and purpose. I drew this map
(I think it was in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep, etc) - A Map to Motherhood.

A Map of Motherhood

Happy Thursday to you! It's rainy and beautiful and the most perfect kind of weather.



Mother's Day Portraits...

Hi everybody! It's time to order your Mother's Day custom portraits if you want to get your hands on one! You can order here in my Etsy Shop or get in touch at sandradumais(at)moonandsparrow(dot)com . 

Remember my awesome Father's Day blitz last June? Lots of the moms ordering the Dad prints said they really wanted one of themselves (hint hint). Here were some examples from the Awesome Dads-

As you can see, these are very highly customized - put as much fun in there as you can fit! We work together to create the perfect image to tell the story of YOUR special person - or Mom!

These cost $110 including the print, and can be completed in about a week (depending on details, and if you include kids in the image - at $15 more)...With shows lined up at the beginning of May, I've got to have these guys done a week or two early this time round.

Here is one I did for myself FROM myself - I really overplayed my awesomeness a bit in the way I imagine that my kids and husband would if they were to order this for me, you know?

I also have some pretty prints coming to the shop that will be SCREENPRINTED in beautiful vibrant colours for your special Mom. Those will be in the shop in about a week and I can't wait!




Customs Mega Post!

Thought I'd copy this post over from my old blog since it's still relevant!

Hi guys,

I'm back to the blog. I've missed it and thought of it often, but it just felt too overwhelming until now. So.. baby steps. Something I've really been excited about sharing and have really been waiting to show on the blog is some of the custom work I've been doing over the past while. I love these! I love telling stories through these portraits and figuring out funny, sweet ways to include the stories in the artwork. I find it so sweet when somebody orders this for their loved one and just can't wait to give this perfectly personal gift.

The other day I walked by somebody I am drawing! I almost wanted to say hi. I knew so much about him, and recognized his face. So funny!

I work closely with my customers to create the perfect family story in each portrait I do. You can customize everything in this drawing - right up to what everybody is wearing and thinking! Depending on amount of people and detail (and deadline!) these can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete, so plan to have that time as well.

Above you can see a gallery of some of my most recent customs. You see why I love doing these? It might be my favourite thing to do these days!

So I'll be doing another round of them for Mother's Day but since I'll be launching our first Marche Nënë Toronto pop up on Mother's Day , Sunday May 8, (SO exciting!) I'll be opening the shop for Mother's Day Custom Portrait orders early (this week) and closing them mid April latest. Sign up for the newsletter to receive more information about how to order, formats, and of course pricing and procedure. If you have received or ordered a Moon and Sparrow custom before, there will be a special coupon for you in the next newsletter!

I'll also be talking about Marché Nënë's Toronto edition (Nënë Pop Toronto) in the next letter, so stay tuned! To apply to our show, head on over to Marche Nënë !

Enjoy this rainy beauty of a day,


Comic Strip


Sooo welcome to my new website. I switched over several months ago but never really knew what to do about my existing blog (I have been sort of blogging here and there over on over the years, a sort of personal blog about work and family.) I can't delete it because it's a place for me to share things among the few readers I have and to sort of keep people up to date on new projects, family, latest hairstyles I love.

But as I become more and more immersed in my work and illustration, in the working mom culture (re - guilt, stretched-too-thinness, "squeeze-it-all-in-ness"), something that I have been wanting to use this blog for is to talk about the nitty gritty of a) art and creativitiy b) small business c) running your own show and being a mom - a subject that fascinates me because of the sheer intensity and seeming impossibility of it - yet the bliss and comfort it has brought me. Could they all find a place together here? I think so.

I don't have much time, and I fear another commitment that will put pressure on me and take up too much focus. So I will be starting a small, fun project here on this blog in a very informal structure. I can't give more details for the moment, only to say that if you are an artist, a mom and working for yourself, and would like to participate in this project (nothing big, 25 minutes of your time) get in touch at

It will be fun, promise!