My Good Days

Hi guys,

How's Spring so far in your part of the world? I'm freezing my buns off. I'm wearing a hat in my home studio. I'm still sleeping with a hot water bottle. BUT - apparently it's on it's way and warmer days are ahead!

Just wanted to share some pages from the diary the last week. I haven't yet missed a day, though I finished my workday at 11pm last night and had a really rough evening with the kids, so I didn't colour in yesterday's, and the kids each did a panel.

This project has been interesting - it's teaching me to show up to the page, no matter what. It's also acting as a sort of gratefulness journal - even in tougher times with lots of deadlines and a husband away for work (home officially this evening!!) I see the magic in the mundane, my extraordinary luck in this life, and all the little joys in each new 24 hours.

I did lots of walking in the sunshine this week, ate some good things, kissed some great dogs, and worked my butt off. What did you do?