Storytelling through custom maps

Tell your own unique story through a custom map..

Hey everybody! It's Sunday morning; cloudy and cool, perfect summer weather (not being sarcastic - Cloudy Days are my fave).

So I just worked on such a fun and amazingly special piece that I wanted to share with you - I was recently contacted by the *super awesome* girlfriend of a long-lost friend from high school - this had been a really good friend (who I'd lost touch with about... 20 years ago? How and why does that happen?) and we were even roomies after High School sharing an apartment in Vancouver's West End ( near the beach for $700 - WHAAA?! ) until I returned East. Anyway.
What his lady, Erin, wanted to do was to create a map of their regular spots and first few dates as a gift for their anniversary. Romantic right? She is an amazing storyteller and so well organized so it was a real pleasure to create this map (below) together with Erin, making sure it told their story just right. We decided to call it "Our Vancouver" and I even drew them in as old folks reflecting on their first date. 

Custom map for lovers!

Isn't this the best!?

Erin had the brilliant idea of collaborating on a google map ( have you guys played with My Maps yet? It's soo fun ) to create pins and stories for each place. Awesome!

Coincidentally, while working on this I also got a super fun gig doing a similar map (of Melbourne - a city I haven't even been to ) for wedding stationery and decor. I love this new direction my map-making has taken me in and would love to do some more. Drop me a line at if you would like to learn more about having a custom map made to tell a story or illustrate a time or place that is special to you.

I feel very inspired to really improve my gift giving for my future anniversaries, got that Sylv?!



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