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1, 2, 3 i love you

Flo's note for me.

While going through some papers in my office, cleaning up stacks and stacks of drawings and ripped envelopes (have I mentioned that my office has become a veritable post office / disaster site?). I found, among other amazing treasures, this sweet note that Flo left me one day not so long ago. 

I don't know when Flo and I started doing something we call "1, 2, 3 i love you" - a silent and efficient way to communicate this message with 3 little squeezes of the hand. It's delicious to have this secret between us when we're out and about.

Flo left this note for me in the morning a couple of months ago while she was at school and the pure shot of happiness it gave me upon finding it was a good reminder to leave more thoughtful notes for my kids (and hubby, why not? I used to do that all the time). Love feels good, people. Let's remember how simple that can be.

And actually Lenny has started doing this too  - in his own hilarious way, looking at me straight in the eyes, squeezing my hand three times, saying seriously, "I. Love. You". 

Hope your Tuesday is as sweet. Go write your kid a note and hide it under their pillow.