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New Work / Off to the Woods !

Hey there! It's a sunny cold Friday and I'm getting ready to pack out first thing in the morning to go camping here! Have you guys tried out the Tente Huttopia camping in the Québec National Parks? They are the best.

Tente Huttopia

Like camping without the schlepping. They are so super comfy and well equipped. Can't wait to wake up in the forest Sunday morning :)

Have been working on lots of awesome new projects, big and small. Banged out a fast poster for a friend's show that I'm going to miss - we have a wedding that day - but it's going to be great, a reading involving music and performance. Here's the first poster I sketched out (I limit myself to one colour, India Ink, and a brush when doing posters).

First attempt

Nicky thought she might want something more urban. Whaaaa?! Who wouldn't want a drawing of a bear eating them while they read from their new book? She thought it might be nice to show little imagery - and something about the iconic Cheval Blanc stage and setup. Have you been there? It's such a great venue. It's where I did the super-dorky move of "accidentally walking by" (stalking, with much forethought) my now hubby one night when I really wanted to hang out with him but was too shy to just ask him out. AAaaaanyway. So I came up with this:

Go see this if you can! It's going to be weird and wonderful.

I kind of love when a client rejects a sketch that I really like - I alway think "hmmm wonder what I'll come up with" - I still like the hungry bear idea better but I'm turning that into a print for a good friend so I'm glad I have it.

Also did some funny customs lately - there are some Dads I can't show yet - but here's a cute one I did for a 40th birthday - we printed it as a large card that everybody signed for the surprise party and then a modified version for a wall print.

 40th birthday card for a friend and neighbour

40th birthday card for a friend and neighbour

Have an awesome day, people! I have Lenny home with me today, a clown after my own heart. Fridays are good.


Talk soon,