Mother's Day Screen Prints orders open! Anatomy of a Mother's Heart !

Guys! I'm sooooo totally excited to announce that My beautiful Mother's Day prints are ready for pre-order! I don't have the actual prints in my hands until April 13th so I am taking pre-orders for anybody who wants to be one of the first to get their mitts on these. ** to pre-order, head over to the Moon and Sparrow Etsy Shop and use coupon code ILOVEMOM to get your 10% discount! As always, you can use coupon code INMONTREAL to avoid shipping costs and pick up at one of my centrally located retailers.

These prints are 12x16, large and bright - available in Teal, Warm Grey, Hot Pink and Poppy. Each print is signed and -- THE BEST PART -- each and every print comes with a tiny paper bag that is sewn shut. Inside, there is a gentle reminder for the Mom to put in her wallet and read when needed. There are lots of different reminders, so there's no way to know which one you'll get until Mom opens it!

These are printed using water based inks, rich and beautiful Felt paper and they will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube. You can also contact me to come pick them up if you're in town - either from my place in Rosemont or from one of my centrally located retailers.

I can't WAIT to get my hands on these!! So pretty. I'm totally hanging the teal one or maybe the poppy one in my bedroom as a reminder that yes, it is okay to laugh and cry hysterically at the same time, as an AWESOME MOM.

Happy Wednesday guys!