Oh guys I'm so happy with how these turned out. They are so sweet and bright.

I made these prints as a gift for any Mom - something that says "I understand the messy beauty of motherhood", "thank you for feeling it all" and "I recognize your complexity" - all while saluting the colourful awesome fun that is motherhood. UNICORNS! SUNSHINE! TEARS OF ALL KINDS! MUSCLES, JOY AND MESSES, it's all there. You can order them through this site or over on Etsy, your choice!

Anatomy of a Mother's Heart - Moon and Sparrow Mother's Day 2016 12 x 16

Poppy Red - detail of *beeeeautiful* paper!

Each and every print comes with a laminated, honorary membership card to the KICK-ASS MOM club. These are meant to be kept in Mom's wallet and looked at every single day. YOU ARE DOING GREAT, LADIES! Am already drawing the ANATOMY OF A DAD HEART - would you guys want one of those for the dads in your life?