Pineapple Party

So I just wanted to share some images of how one little print can be used across different materials and products. This repeat pattern I created with pineapples on turquoise was sold exclusively to Supayana (go see her shop right now please) to use for fabric. She used this design on a beautiful thick poly spandex to make adult leggings (me, rocking them below) and also on a soft jersey for little tiny dresses. The original image was done using watercolours and digital messing about. 


Teeny tiny dress!

I wouldn't have thought of such a large print for small clothing but I think it works even better than it would have small, right?

And lastly, a mug my supplier sent me to apologize for a mix up. How beautiful! (No, these are not available in the shop - I can't get into the mug business.)

Pineapple on beautifully finished ceramic mug. Yum!

This has definitely got me excited to do more patterns in a similar style - it's my favourite way to work (loose gouache and watercolour drawings) and it looks so good on many surfaces right?

It's fun to see somebody with such a great eye for fashion take a wacky pattern like this and make adult AND kid clothing. I also used this on business card, by the way. So there!

and finally, here it is on one side of my business card.

My husband is watching THE WALKING DEAD in the room next to me and it is so gross sounding I have to go see what is happening. Night!