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Drawings in the Night...

Do you guys ever get insomnia? I have never been a huge sleeper (meaning I like to get about 6 or 7 hours of sleep a day, plus a little 30 minute nap in the afternoon). Since having kids though, I go through weeks at a time of insomnia. I get up at 3am and just can't get back to sleep. Things I googled before getting out of bed finally at 3:45 -- embroidered illustration (gasp! I must try!),

 Embroidered illustration by Jillian Tamaki - the best.

Embroidered illustration by Jillian Tamaki - the best.

Tai Chi videos - I love this quick 8-minute video, you guys should try it. Especially great for us who are often hunched over their desks for long periods of time.

and then I combed through images of Wild Garden on , just to give me a bit of hope, as it's been pretty chilly here still. LOVED these -

 Love these colours!

Love these colours!

and these!

So that's what I googled at 3am instead of sleeping like a normal person. Know what is awesome though? I have a vey flexible schedule so just like that I rearranged my day, and went downstairs to print and trim a large order for a beautiful new galerie / boutique in the Old Port that I'll deliver today.  I am working on a map of the Old Port so I can go and have a good look at a few buildings and streets I want to draw, so it worked out well! Anyway, this new retailer is a gorgeous galerie / boutique featuring work from all over Québec - it's called L'Empreinte Coop. They have a dated website but so worth popping in - Check them out!

Ok - I'll leave you with with drawing I did a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling nostalgic and sad about my kids growing up. I really truly do enjoy them at this age - yes despite the fits, the chaos and the mess of it all, young children fill me with energy and purpose. I drew this map
(I think it was in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep, etc) - A Map to Motherhood.

A Map of Motherhood

Happy Thursday to you! It's rainy and beautiful and the most perfect kind of weather.