Work from home, shows

Show tiiiime!

Hi lovely people! How are you guys? I'm running around like a chicken with it's head CUT RIGHT OFF. But in a good way. 

Marché nënë kicks off this weekend, as you've no doubt seen on line and everywhere. It's in the Mile End this year - at the new Soupesoup restaurant and La Gare co-working space next door. I'm so curious to see how it unfolds in a new location - we'd been at Infopresse for I think the last 3 years? 4 years? Head over to the website to look at all the awesome programming we have. My kids are going to stay the whole weekend I think and take advantage of all the awesome on-the-spot-adventuring.

I'm also going to get a couple nice gifts for the people I love - like myself. I want a personalized badge from Jen Hamm of PomPon for starters.

Pompon personalized badge.

Pompon personalized badge.

After the show wraps, it's off to Toronto for my very first ONE OF A KIND SHOW! Woot! Holy hell people, 2 weeks hustling and mingling. To be honest, I'm kind of excited. I can go quite a long time without talking to many people day to day, the life of a basement-dwelling artist amiright?

Please come say HELLO in Toronto!

Please come say HELLO in Toronto!

I'm in Booth C60, please come say hello and grab some goodies. I'm in the Rising Star section and will be wearing a bright vermillion cross-back apron that (ahem) I made with my mom's help. It is not perfect so just admire from an arm's length please.

Alright people - I'm going to go listen to Dan Savage's sex podcast and make, yes, more coffee. coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee......

Happy Tuesday!