Turning pro with your work...

Happy Saturday guys! I'm enjoying a productively lazy Saturday, I love those kinds of days; lots of time to read, think, putter and tidy. Flo and Sylv have literally been on the couch all day watching movies under 2 blankets and a bowl of popcorn and Lenny is at his first independent hangout at a school friend's house! Gah!

So I'm finally reading Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro, a staple on the shelf of any (creative) entrepreneur. I bought it awhile back for Sylv after having been recommended by many people to read it. I'm finally am getting back around to reading non-fiction so this is the first book I grabbed. It's SO good, this guy is interesting and real and writes in a conversational tone.

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

He talks about how at one point in every artist's / entrepreneur's life there is a moment when we must choose to "turn pro" if we want to get our real work done. Basically choose good habits to replace the bad ones that are such a part of human nature. Bad habits like surfing the net while we work, enabling notifications on our phones, constantly being distracted from the deep concentration we need to get our good work done. (We all know that giving in to constant distractions effects our work in terrible ways).

Here are some habits I have to fight constantly:

  • Doing work (blogging, taxes, sketching) in front of the tv late at night
  • Not going to bed when I'm tired 
  • Checking Facebook / Social Media too often
  • Sitting for hours in front of the computer and not exercising or stretching
  • Eating in front of my computer (usually instant Ramen noodles)
  • Letting my office get disorganized (messy is fine but when I can't find my supplies it's a bad sign)
  • Saying "yes" to my kids too often when they want to come home at lunch (something I love but that chops my tiny day into even smaller pieces)

Funny, I also happened to see this video from Marie Forleo interviewing Grace Bonney from Design Sponge  which got me thinking about lots of work stuff. If you follow Grace Bonney or Marie Forleo this is a really good one to watch!

Anyway - off to sort packaging, something I've been avoiding but am now excited (?) to do. Holiday shows are coming up people - deeeep breath.