Comic Strip


Sooo welcome to my new website. I switched over several months ago but never really knew what to do about my existing blog (I have been sort of blogging here and there over on over the years, a sort of personal blog about work and family.) I can't delete it because it's a place for me to share things among the few readers I have and to sort of keep people up to date on new projects, family, latest hairstyles I love.

But as I become more and more immersed in my work and illustration, in the working mom culture (re - guilt, stretched-too-thinness, "squeeze-it-all-in-ness"), something that I have been wanting to use this blog for is to talk about the nitty gritty of a) art and creativitiy b) small business c) running your own show and being a mom - a subject that fascinates me because of the sheer intensity and seeming impossibility of it - yet the bliss and comfort it has brought me. Could they all find a place together here? I think so.

I don't have much time, and I fear another commitment that will put pressure on me and take up too much focus. So I will be starting a small, fun project here on this blog in a very informal structure. I can't give more details for the moment, only to say that if you are an artist, a mom and working for yourself, and would like to participate in this project (nothing big, 25 minutes of your time) get in touch at

It will be fun, promise!