Anatomy of a Mother's Heart Screenprints

A good example of the kinds of infographics and complimentary maps / diagrams used to illustrate each topic in the book and of how I mix humour and darkness / reality to create images that are funny but also a little bit tearful.

Anatomy of a Mother's Heart - This image describes the complexities / messiness of a real mother's heart. Has been known to cause tears upon gifting.

This honorary membership card to the Kick Ass Mom Club is included in orders for the Mother's Heart Print. (It's also given to moms I come across in public who need a little boost.)


Maps / Cartoon style

I love working with ink to create quirky images that I then colour in Photoshop. These maps again, are more of a story than of an actual map. These examples include inside jokes that people of this neighbourhood would know and appreciate and also famous landmarks that visitors would recognize.

Montreal Mile End Essentials

Awesome Person Portraits

These portraits act as a visual story about somebody, often a kind of love letter including quirks, strengths and jokes about that special person. Another example of my style and humour.

Portrait of Feminist author and mom blogger Marianne Prairie.

Every father's day I launch a campaign illustrating Awesome Dads. I only have time for a limited amount but enjoy doing this so much. It's a great way to tell a Dad why he's so great.

Extraordinary Women, past and present

Introducing The World Map of Extraordinary Women!

Leading up to March 8th (International Women's Day), I will be sharing a portrait of an Extraordinary Woman - revealing the full project on March 8th. Below are the first 4 I've released.  Top left to right; Rosa Parks, Annie Pootoogook Middle left to right; Virgina Woolf, Amelia Earhart, The Haenyeo. Bottom left to right; Eva Peron, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Maya Angelou, Emily Carr, Sharbat Gula.

... AND THEN THE GOOD AND HONEST FRUIT AND VEGGIES ZAPPED THE MEAN GUYS WITH RAINBOWS UNTIL THEY HAD THEIR POWER BACK!! (spread from upcoming collaboration with writer Carol Steuri for a Kickstarter project on bullying.  

DAILY VISUAL DIARY - Since the beginning of the year I have been keeping a daily visual diary recording observations and experiences from my everyday. These usually include 4 quadrants; I did (list), I saw (list), Overheard (drawing) and I saw (drawing). This was inspired by the teachings of artist Lynda Barry from her book Syllabus - about her time teaching at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the art department.  This project has inspired me to further explore bookmaking in the comic form, and visual storytelling (books with intertwined graphics, infographics, etc).